Growing up as a black child, family and friends were always around. Your weekends were rarely spent at home because you are constantly visiting family members and attending umsebenzi noma umshado

At these events what was common to see was a minibus and it was most likely going to be a caracara in the 90s and a Siyaya in recent times. These were used by various family members raging from out of town family members to those who want a vibe whilst travelling. If you happen to be any of the travelling family members, not being in the family group transport was a mistake you could not afford to make because the minibus was guaranteed to be filled with laughter and ubumnandi. What followed this terrible mistake was being left out of all the inside jokes that only people who were in the minibus would truly find funny.

As I got older I was slowly integrated into the process of organising family events. It was during my first large family event as management that I noticed the stressful task of having to organize transportation for the event. You had to ask all your uncles, aunts or cousins one by one if they knew someone who has a minibus or know someone who knows someone else who owns a minibus.

This meant that the process was easy if you knew the right people and was a nightmare if you didn't. It turns out that the majority of us do not know the right people so we are doomed to experience the unending loop of nightmares when hosting events. It was during one of these nightmares that the idea of Kae App was born.

Kae App is designed to simplify the process of doing something Africans enjoy doing together. Being Together.