trying to pay for your trip?

Make a payment for your ride on Kae App through our various payment options:

1. In-App Payment 2. Manual Cash Payment

in-app payment

Step 1:

Select your bank from the options displayed and enter your bank login details.

Step 2:

Select the account you will be making the payment from, then click the 'PAY' option to confirm.

Step 3:

A one-time pin will be sent to you by your bank. Enter this pin to verify who you are.

Step 4:

Payment confirmation is received and you are ready for your trip with Kae

cash payment

Step 1:

Retrieve your order number from the app, this number MUST be used as your reference on the deposit slip/reference details.

Step 2:

Make a simple electronic transfer through your Cellphone banking or Internet banking

For cash deposits, make your way to your nearest bank ATM or branch to make the cash payment

Step 3:

A confirmation notification of your payment will be sent to you shortly after the payment has been received.